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Tree care is something that should not be taken lightly for a number of reasons especially here in Florida. When you have trees that could be a potential oasis for mosquitoes or help promote allergies all of sudden that house you chose to retire in, is not looking so good. At Cape Coral Tree Trimming we want to help you keep your property in the best shape possible. Not only that, but we have a team of experts that are ready to give your outdoor areas the best look that they have ever had!

We are a company that was built with a very clear idea in mind. What we wanted to do was to be able to offer as many different types of services as we could. As long as each of the things that we did we were able to do with enough quality to the point where we could be proud of our job. That mindset really continues to this day. We are not just about getting things done we are about getting things done the right way. If we get a chance to work together we will try our best to back up what we just stated!

Our Services

We handle all of the basic services that you would expect a tree care company to be able to take care of. Now, a lot of people can come up to you and swear that they are going to be able to trim your trees and they may not be wrong. One thing though is cutting a tree without any type of sense and a whole nother thing is going through proper tree care procedures. This is where the difference is between what we can do and what you could expect from amateurs!.

Tree Trimming

Our tree trimming services are not only meant to reduce the overall volume of your trees or get that long branch out of the way. They can be a great ally to make sure that your trees are going to stay healthy all year-round! We trim with a purpose. Of course, that purpose can be I want to make a fashion statement or I don’t want to have a large tree on my property.

Land & Storm Preparation

What is the only real downside to living in Cape Coral Florida? If you were to ask us, we could say that the fact that we are living surrounded by water usually makes storms a lot tougher on trees and the population itself. The best thing that you can do when it comes to storms is, make sure that you are prepared. We can help get all of the trees and plants on your property all set to be able to take on the storm ahead!

Tree & Brush Removal

We are people who have literally devoted their lives to trees. So you can rest assured that we are not huge fans of having to remove a tree and effectively kill it off. That being said, we do think that removing the tree is sometimes a better option. Especially if you are going to compare it with other options that are out there. If you have a tree that is having some trouble staying upright you should give us a call or contact us!

Stump Grinding

Tree stumps that are not well taken care of usually become a problem. It is really that simple. What happens is the stump is going to be taking up a lot of room within the lawn and overall the look that you are going to get from that is going to be less than ideal. That is why we offer our stump grinding services. What we do in these cases is grind the stump to remove a lot of the volume that the stump may have. That way we can shape it so that it now fits the look that you want to have in your outdoor areas and it doesn’t just become something that could be in the way!

Tree Maintenance

This service really allows us to show off all of the things that we provide as a company. Monitoring things like tree growth and being able to notice slight adjustments in the way that your trees are growing and developing can really help us find any potential issue that may be evolving in trees and plants. The quicker we spot any type of issue the easier it will be for us to find a solution for it!

Tree Cabling & Bracing

When people first started to apply cables and braces to trees debates waged on whether or not this was a safe process for a tree to go through. Especially when talking about braces. From our experience what we would say is, these are good options as long as they are done the right way. That is not something that should be taken lightly. If you are going to add support or apply pressure on a tree to force to grow a certain way you better make sure you know what you are doing!

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in one of the services that we have just spoken about don’t hesitate to call or contact us! We can really help you with all sorts of problems that may occur or just to make sure that no actual problems occur. Whatever the case may be we are here to help!

Our Partner

I needed some help rehabbing some trees that were having all sorts of growth issues. So, I was told that the pros at Cape Coral Tree Trimming could help me out. Long story, short they were able to get all of my trees looking great within a couple of months. These guys really know what they are doing! – Steven Y.

If you are looking for a company that you can trust to handle all sorts of tree care issues you should really look into giving Cape Coral Tree Trimming a call! You can really see their hand in the work that they do and overall they get great results! – Danielle F.

I was done taking care of my lawn on my own. So I called Cape Coral Tree Trimming. They give me a great price and they do the things just they way I would do them. I don’t have to sweat to keep my trees looking good. That is a huge win for me! – Scott C.